Welcome to One Beat Zines, a zine-making collective/distro run by Sarah Broadhurst and Julia Scheele.

Our aim is to produce anthologies and distribute cheap-and-cheerful zines by women with strong intersectional feminist voices, and to work with women of all ages and backgrounds.

Apart from taking our zines around Small Press fairs and conventions in the UK, we sometimes also do talks and zine-making workshops for people of all ages interested in DIY art and intersectional feminism.


One Beat publishes regular anthology books featuring amazing artists and writers. So far we have published:

  1. Double Dare Ya, a super-zine about and critiquing the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s, now available for free on Issuu,
  2. Not A New Wave, a fanzine made to coincide with 2015's Sleater-Kinney reunion,
  3. Identity, a 90-page book featuring women from all over the world writing and drawing about what they perceived their identities to be and what it meant to them (all profits after printing and postage of Identity went to two charities: The Albert Kennedy Trust and the Feminist Library),
  4. Beats #1, a small collection of comics and writing, available here,
  5. Performance, a book about gender identity and performance, available here.

If you want to get in touch for anything or just to say hi, email us at onebeatpublishing@gmail.com!